Easy Rate Single Sensor


INFICON 经济型单传感器为厚度监控应用提供成本效益最高的解决方案,可采用标准和直角方向,还可进行适当配置以包含带有或不带标准管接头的馈入件。

备注:经济型单传感器使用 4.8 毫米(3/16 英寸)外径水冷管。  它们与配备馈入件的 Ultra-Torr 不兼容,需要管接头才能焊接到具有 4.8 毫米(3/16 英寸)外径水冷管的标准馈入件。


  • Minimum investment with lowest upfront cost
  • Lowest total cost of ownership from extended sensor life
  • Maximum throughput with less maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Available in standard and right angle configurations
  • Optional shutter available
  • Sensor / Feedthrough combinations available with or without bored-through tube fittings


类型 Easy Rate Single Sensor
Maximum bakeout temp with no water 175°C
最小水流时的最高工作等温环境温度 400° C
BS-A _ _ E 1 _ _ Size (maximum envelope without shutter) 3.2 5 x 4.04 x 1.53 cm (1.28 x 1.59 x 0.60 in.)
BS-B _ _ E 1 _ _ Size (maximum envelope without shutter) 3.2 5 x 3.30 x 1.60 cm (1.28 x 1.30 x 0.63 in.)
Water Tubes S-304, 4.76 mm (0.188 in) OD x 0.51 mm (0.020 in.) wall thickness seamless stainless steel tubing
晶体交换 Front loading; self-contained package for ease of exchange
Mounting 1.015 in. ±0.010 in. diameter aperture
Installation Requirements  
Feedthrough 2 pass water 4.76 mm (0.188 in) OD with 1 microdot coaxial connection
其他 XIU or Oscillator to match specific controller, solenoid valve assembly 750-420-G1 for shuttered sensors
水流速 Minimum water flow 150-200 cc/min, 30° C max
水质 Coolant should not contain chlorides as stress corrosion cracking may occur. Extremely dirty water may result in loss of cooling capacity.
主体和支架 304 type stainless steel
弹簧、电气触点 Au plated Be-Cu
Water Tubes 4.76 mm (0.188 in) OD seamless stainless steel
连接器 (Microdot) Stainless steel, Teflon® and glass insulated
绝缘体 >99% Al2O3
Wire Tin plated copper
晶体 0.550 in. (13.97 mm) Diameter
Feedthrough Specifications-1 in. Bolt  
材料 304 stainless steel, Teflon®, ceramic, beryllium nickel, VITON®
温度 Operational environment to 300° C with water cooling or 165° C without
安装 Four #4-40 tapped holes on the back of the sensor body
Feedthrough Specifications-CF40 (2-3/4 in. ConFlat)  
材料 304 stainless steel, Teflon, ceramic, beryllium nickel
温度 Operational environment to 450° C with water cooling or 165° C without
安装 Mates with 2 ¾ in. ConFlat type flanges with 1.375 in. I.D. min.
Easy Rate Single Sensor Configurator


名称 说明
Easy Rate Sensor Feedthroughs Easy Rate Sensor Feedthroughs
Easy Rate Single Sensor
零件号 明细
750-420-G1 电磁阀,24 伏(与带闸门和多晶体传感器配合使用)


名称 说明
石英监控器晶体 石英监控器晶体


Easy Rate Single Sensor
零件号 明细
784-205-G1 Crystal Retainer Assembly
784-204-G1 Crystal Holder Assembly
784-403-P1 Crystal Finger Spring
784-404-P1 Retaining Ring
784-300-P1 Crystal Holder
784-405-P1 Holder Finger Spring
750-174-P2 母型同轴
080-011-P3 平头镀金螺丝0-80 X .125
080-013 开口垫片#0
784-209-G1 Shutter Kit, Single (Unassembled Parts)
784-305-P1 Easy Rate Single Sensor Shutter
784-206-G1 Easy Rate Sensor Actuator Assembly
784-306-P1 Easy Rate Sensor Actuator Clamp
084-054 开牙锁定垫片4号
084-027 Socket Screw
783-500-023 真空电缆,25.4 厘米(10 英寸)
783-500-024 真空电缆,76.2 厘米(30 英寸)