Transpector® XPR3L Gas Analysis System


Solar Cell and LCD Process Yield Optimization by Monitoring Gas Pressures, Detecting Contaminants, and Locating Leaks

Monitoring process gases and base vacuum conditions is an affordable and efficient RGA with the Transpector ® XPR3L Gas Analysis System. PVD process monitoring with the XPR3L provides real-time data on process gas pressures, gas ratios, contamination levels, impurities, and leaks. This information can be used to maximize both process yield and product quality. Background monitoring with the XPR3L can make preventive maintenance programs more efficient and effective by quickly detecting and diagnosing leaks and contaminants.



  • Provides economical dual-purpose functionality, process monitoring and base vacuum assurance, by operating from UHV up to 10mTorr (20mTorr optional)
  • Affordable cost-effective process monitor that enables implementation in scaleable production designs
  • Improves process yield, reduces scrap and improves product quality through continuous automatic monitoring of process gas pressures, ratios and possible contaminants or impurities
  • Speeds up PM recovery and increases productivity by verifying base vacuum conditions, locating leaks and identifying contaminants with high sensitivity and low minimum detectable partial pressure
  • Operates across a 1 to 100 amu mass range, protecting your investment and reducing risk by having the ability to detect a broad range of materials, contaminants or byproducts
  • Compatible with the FabGuard monitoring and analysis system to provide reliable advanced diagnostics and process control

Typical Applications

  • Solar/Photovoltaic Manufacturing
  • LCD Manufacturing
  • PVD Process Monitoring
  • Monitor Process Gas Pressures and Ratios
  • Reveal and Identify Contaminants
  • Detect and Locate Leaks (air, helium, water, other vapors)
  • PM Recovery/Troubleshoot and Verify Base Vacuum
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