Transpector® CPM 2.5 Compact Process Monitor


Comprehensive Gas Analysis Made Affordable

INFICON Transpector® CPM provides in situ early warnings and lowers costs by:

  • measuring gas phase reactions
  • verifying vacuum integrity
  • identifying trace-level contaminants
  • measuring process and background composition
  • qualifying gas purity

The INFICON CPM Compact Process Monitor is a full-featured, compact and affordable gas analyzer that's ideally suited for in situ monitoring of complex processes. This dry-pumped system uses the proven technology of the INFICON Transpector 2 Gas Analysis System to help achieve new levels of performance.


  • Quadrupole-based gas analysis system for monitoring complex processes.
  • Allows 24/7 monitoring to maximize yield and throughput, thereby minimizing costs.
  • Compact and affordable enough to be installed on every high-pressure vacuum chamber.
  • HexBlock™ sampling system maximizes performance.
  • Built-in CDG for process pressure monitoring and vacuum interlock.
  • Optional calibration reference available for tuning and gas reference.
  • Long-life closed ion source permits contaminant detection at sub-ppm levels while resisting most corrosive and reactive gases.
  • Lightweight and easily transportable.


CPM Compact Process Monitor
Part Number Description
911-451-P1 USB to RS-232 converter
923-720-G1 1000 Torr CPM CDG including cable
923-720-G2 100 Torr CPM CDG including cable
923-720-G3 10 Torr CPM CDG including cable
923-720-G4 1 Torr CPM CDG including cable

Spare Parts

CPM Compact Process Monitor
Part Number Description
915-700-G2 Closed Ion Source kit (Tungsten - Standard CVD / Etch)
915-701-G2 Sensor filament kit (for standard and sleeved ion source)
915-723-G1 Closed Ion Source kit (Lined anode)(one liner installed and two spares)
915-724-G1 Package of three spare liners (used only with liner configured ion source)
923-208-G11 1 Torr CPM CDG
923-208-G12 10 Torr CPM CDG
923-208-G13 1000 Torr CPM CDG
923-401-P1 Manifold Heater
923-403-P2 CPM Valve Controller Manifold Assembly
923-404-P1 HexBlock Insulator
923-603-G2 CPM Controller (used with Pfeiffer Vacuum pump)
CPM Compact Process Monitor Gas Inlet
Part Number Description
059-0400 Replacement c-ring
922-204-G1 Capillary assembly - 1.5 m
922-204-G3 Capillary assembly - 3 m
923-706-G10 30 Torr HexBlock orifice (10.5 micron)
923-706-G3 10 Torr HexBlock orifice (20 micron)
923-706-G4 1 Torr HexBlock orifice (62 micron)
923-706-G5 100 mtorr HexBlock orifice (200 micron)
923-706-G6 10 mtorr HexBlock orifice (750 micron)
923-706-G7 360 mtorr HexBlock orifice (120 micron)
923-706-G8 15 mtorr HexBlock orifice (350 micron)
923-706-G9 3 Torr HexBlock orifice (35 micron)
923-707-G1 10 Torr HexBlock sniffer (5 cm length)
923-707-G2 100 Torr HexBlock sniffer (5 cm length)
923-707-G3 7 Torr HexBlock sniffer
923-707-G4 30 Torr HexBlock sniffer (10 cm length)
923-707-G5 300 Torr HexBlock sniffer (5 cm length)
923-707-G6 30 Torr HexBlock sniffer (30.5 cm length)
923-707-G7 10 Torr HexBlock sniffer (30.5 cm length)
CPM Compact Process Pumping
Part Number Description
923-723-G1 Diaphragm pump 4 stage - 24 V(dc)
923-724-G1 Pfeiffer Vacuum compound pump kit, non corrosive system
923-724-G2 Pfeiffer Vacuum compound pump kit, corrosive system
CPM Compact Process Monitor Preventative Maintenance
Part Number Description
923-710-G1 HexBlock orifice replacement tools
923-711-G1 HexBlock valve replacement kit
923-712-G1 Spare HexBlock orifice gasket (pack of five)
923-722-G1 Replacement diaphragm kit for 2-stage pump
930-4241-P1 Replacement diaphragm kit for 4-stage pump
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