RSH-600 Rotary Sensor

Excellent Crystal Performance in Demanding Applications

RSH-600 Rotary Sensor Heads are designed for demanding processes, employing very thick films and several different materials. The RSH-600 holds six crystals in a thermally shielded, water-cooled housing, ensuring excellent crystal performance in temperature environments up to 300°C. Crystals are housed in an easy to remove Teflon® and stainless steel crystal holder.


  • Six crystals
  • Position feedback (Controller dependent)
  • Adjustable length (with optional flange)
  • Rugged design


Type RSH-600 Rotary Sensor
Number of crystals Six
Crystal size 14 mm (0.550 in.) diameter
Installation aperture 50.8 mm (2.0 in.) diameter
Overall length See Data Sheet
Adjustable length in vacuum See Data Sheet
Power requirements 24 V (dc) Solenoid Valve:
21.6 - 26.4 V (dc), 40 mA

115 V (ac) Solenoid Valve:
90 - 132 V (ac), 36/32 mA rms (50/60 Hz)
Crystal switching method Air Actuated @ 55 psi (4 kg/cm2) regulated
Cooling method Water cooled at 5 L/m at 2 kg/cm2 (28 psi) (Do not allow to freeze)
Air and water connections One ¼ in. quick connect for air, two ¼ in. compression fittings for water
Maximum bakeout temperature without water 130° C
Operating temperature (with water cooling) 300° C max with stainless steel head cover

400° C max with copper head cover
Weight RSH-600 ~ 8.5 lb. (3.8 kg), varies with overall length
Materials 304 stainless steel, Teflon®, Beryllium Nickel


RSH-600 Rotary Sensor
Part Number Description
153202 Adjustable flange
153204 Crystal Retainer Assembly, Flat
153204-2 Crystal Retainer Assembly, Angled
153731 RSH-600 Sensor Head Cover, Copper, Flat
153731-2 RSH-600 Sensor Head Cover, Copper, Angled
153708 RSH-600 Sensor Head Cover, Stainless Steel, Flat
153713 RSH-600 Sensor Head Cover, Stainless Steel, Angled


Name Description
Quartz Monitor Crystals Quartz Monitor Crystals

Spare Parts

RSH-600 Rotary Sensor
Part Number Description
153706 Spring Retainer assembly Flat
153707 24 VDC Solenoid valve assembly
153709 Retaining Screw for Flat crystal retainer
153710 Crystal Holder Flat (includes 153709)
153714 Spring Retainer Assembly, Angled,RSH-600
153715 Retainer Screw for angled crystal retainer
153716 Crystal Holder, Angled, RSH-600
153722 Signal/Ground Contact Module, RSH-600
153724 Spring retainer contact kit - Flat (set of six)
153726 Crystal Contact for Crystal Retainer Assembly
889128 7 pin male connector
889128-2 7-pin Female Connector
144-101 M3x6 SOC Head Screw for Flat Crystal Retainer
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