PetroPro™ Portable Gas Chromatograph

PetroPRO is discontinued as of November 4, 2013.


  • Intrinsically safe
  • Simple to operate - no method programming or complex integration
  • No setup required - factory programmed with the GC method and compound library
  • Quick to quantify-direct read display with compound name and concentration

Typical Applications

  • Petroleum products tank entry
  • Emergency response
  • Site assessment
  • Fence line monitoring
  • Carbon canister assessment
  • Transportation vessels
  • Confined space entry


Type PetroPro
Hardware Specifications  
Operating Temperature 0 to 40
Operating Humidity Range 0 to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Dimensons 13 x 10.5 x 5
Weight 14
Detector Photoionization detector with high performance 10.6 eV UV lamp
Display Six line graphic LCD
Keypad Five dedicated keys (Power, Start/Stop, Calibrate, Enter and Exit) and three menu keys
Battery Type
  • Nickel cadmium (24% cadmium by weight) rechargeable cell with intelligent charger
  • Battery must be charged in a known non-hazardous area
Battery Charge / Discharge Time <6 hours / 7.5 hours
Audio Output 95 decibels @ 2048 Hz, on alarm
Inlet Specification 1/8 in. (3.175 mm) compression fitting
Datalogger Memory Greater than 100 analyses
Carrier Gas Built-in cylinder for Ultra Zero Air, 8 hours continuous operation
Serial Output RS-232, 38.4K baud, 8 data bits, no parity for connection to Windows-based PC
Intrinsic Safety Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, & D hazardous locations,T4 (135ºC) rating
Analytical Specifications  
Analytical Models
  • Fence line: for perimeter, occupational exposure, and other general measuring requirements
  • Canister: for measuring benzene in the presence of complex and highly concentrated VOC streams
BTEX Analysis time
  • Fence line: less than 400 seconds
  • Canister: less than 600 seconds
Benzene Analysis Time
  • Fence line: less than 120 seconds
  • Canister: less than 180 seconds
Operating Concentration Range Low ppb (see Low Detection Limits) to 200 ppm
Low Detection Limits
  • Fence line: 50 ppb benzene, 50 ppb toluene, 1 ppm ethylbenzene, 1 ppm m-xylene
  • Canister 100 ppb benzene, 200 ppb toluene, 2 ppm ethylbenzene, 2 ppm m-xylene


Part Number Description
MX380029 Replacement 10.6eV Lamp
MX380147 Carrier Gas, Ultra High Purity Nitrogen, 552 L
MX380336 Lamp Window Cleaning Kit
MX380339 In-line Filters, Telescopic Probe
MX396015 Fluoropore Water/Particulate Filter
MX700308 Battery Pack, PetroPRO
MX754110 Calibration Gas, BTEX Mix, 34L
MX754111 Carrier Gas, Ultra Zero Air, 552 L

Spare Parts

Part Number Description
42530000 Converter Adapter, USB to Serial
MX380302 AC Adapter, Voyager/Explorer
MX380303 Carrier Gas Filling Device
MX380305 Sample Line, Teflon, 3 m, (10 ft.)
MX380309 Carrier Gas Connection Kit
MX380311 Telescoping Sample Probe, 2.5 m ( 8 ft.)
MX380313 DC Adapter, Voyager/Explorer/PetroPRO
MX380319 Carrier Gas Filling Device
MX380323 Carrier Gas Filling Device
MX380325 Carrier Gas Filling Device
MX380334 Tool Kit, Voyager/Explorer
MX380340 Connector,TelescopingProbe In-lineFilter
MX396018 Telescoping Sample Probe 1.5 m (5 ft.)
MX700312 Communication Cable Kit, PetroPRO
MX704210 Calibration Gas Regulator, PetroPRO
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