FabGuard® eOCAP


Integrated Out of Control Action Plans

Increasing complexity of manufacturing and the need to correct issues in real time requires that everyone has access to expert knowledge that can be used to minimize downtime and correct issues. FabGuard eOCAP provides a framework for capturing complex knowledge assets and delivering them intuitively and interactively to users at the moment they need them, via a web browser. FabGuard eOCAP enables both expert and non-expert users to collaborate in capturing, delivering, maintaining, and improving this vital content.


Knowledge Management System

FabGuard eOCAP helps organizations move beyond traditional knowledge repositories, interactively helping non-experts find and apply the right knowledge through relevant and properly sequenced multi-step processes. Additionally, FabGuard eOCAP can learn and constantly react to the changing relevance of different articles. The system helps factories to capture and automate the logical flow of protocols and troubleshooting procedures. It interacts with all levels of users to audit and validate outcomes and relevance. Because of these capabilities, FabGuard eOCAP makes the Knowledge Management System (KMS) more effective and eases the burden of manual maintenance so that deploying updated action plane and knowledge articles can result in a significant return on investment.

Guided Troubleshooting

Guided troubleshooting is an approach that directs a user to make the exact decisions that a domain expert would make based on years of experience. FabGuard eOCAP allows organizations to capture the sequence of questions that the domain experts ask when troubleshooting a complex issue and make that decision-making logic available to non-expert users. The result is that non-experts are able to perform like experts, ramping up much faster and acting decisively, with the same confidence as if an expert were at their side. Guided troubleshooting can be deterministic where the FabGuard eOCAP application directs the user through a specific series of steps.It can also perform in a predictive fashion, using heuristics and expert input to display a range of the most probable outcomes and optimal pathways to successful resolution.


Predictive Diagnostics with Heuristic Learning

Documentation is only a small piece of the entire knowledge management puzzle. For many knowledge bases, the sheer volume and constant changing of circumstances can make the upkeep of an accurate knowledge system virtually impossible. This is where machine learning becomes a necessity. Sometimes, in a diagnostic scenario, it is best to present engineers with a range of options and let them use their own judgment to navigate to the best solution. In these situations, FabGuard eOCAP is able to provide critical guidance by predicting the optimal pathways and most likely outcomes by using heuristic learning. Since FabGuard eOCAP records the exact pathway each user takes when running through diagnostic procedures, it is able to reference past history from previous runs and statistically predict which pathways and outcomes have the maximum potential for success. Users, and their natural usage, train the system over time. This ability to use heuristic learning to drive predictive behavior greatly reduces the cost and effort required to properly maintain a diagnostic or troubleshooting knowledge base.


  • Capture and enforce use of best known methods
  • Document and audit each execution of an eOCAP
  • Create and edit easily with visual designer
  • Integrate with internal factory systems
  • Dynamically present information to help with troubleshooting
  • Customizable framework and knowledge center
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