FabGuard® Analysis Server (AS)


Advanced Modeling, Data Analysis and Visualization Capabilities Made Simple

Increase Yield by Expanding Process Data Analysis

FabGuard Analysis Server (AS) makes it possible to analyze every variable in the factory to apply advanced multivariate SPC and modeling. Detecting faults caused by the interactions of multiple process variables is accomplished with the many advanced multivariate analysis tools in FabGuard AS. FabGuard Analysis Server can easily expand the capabilities of existing FDC systems by enabling engineers to detect faults not typically monitored by univariate SPC. Many faults are caused by the complex interaction of multiple equipment and process parameters. FabGuard AS provides multiple advanced techniques to perform Fault Detection, Fault Classification and Metrology Prediction. These tools highlight excursions that simple univariate FDC systems will never detect. FabGuard AS provides engineers a powerful toolbox to uncover hard to detect faults.


  • Run-by-run analysis for process control and fault finding reduces scrap and improves process control
  • Supports custom ASCII and XML file formats
  • Classification of faults for quicker response to problems, minimizing downtime
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