HVPS/SC High Voltage Power Supply with Integrated Source Control


To Be Discontinued on January 31, 2018


HVPS/SC is a solid state high voltage power supply with an integrated source controller used in electron beam (e-beam) vacuum deposition systems. Its revolutionary design makes it one of the smallest, most efficient, and feature packed high voltage power supplies on the market.


HVPS/SC has adjustable output voltage from 4 to 10.2 kV and adjustable emission current from 10 to 999 mA. This makes it compatible with a variety of electron beam guns. Zero voltage switching (ZVS) technology and near unity power factor help make the HVPS/SC over 90% efficient with less than 1% emission current ripple for a precise and reliable electron beam.


HVPS/SC is rugged and reliable. Designed for continuous duty and/or continuous arcing, full arc recovery can be achieved in just 15 ms. A low stored energy of less than 2 Joules of energy at 10 kW helps quickly dissipate arcs with minimal effect on rate control. Each HVPS/SC is fully tested and burned in to ensure proper operation and durability.


HVPS/SC combines a power supply and source controller with a direct-to-filament design, eliminating the need for an external filament transformer. This space-saving design uses less than half the rack space of most competitive power supplies and source controllers and makes integration into the tool easy. Connection to a PC or PLC can be made through to standard USB, RS-232, and RS-485 connections.


  • 4 to 10.2 kV output voltage, 10 to 999 mA emission current output
  • Ultra-low stored energy (less than 2 J @ 10 kW output)
  • 12 V, 70 A integrated filament supply to regulate emission
  • Near unity power factor and >90% efficient
  • Accurate: <1% ripple and regulation
  • Fast arc response: Full arc recovery in about 15 ms
  • Rugged: Rated for continuous duty and continuous arcing, or anything in between
  • Short circuit/over-heating/over voltage protection
  • Compact: 3U height
  • Programmable arc rate threshold and arc delay
  • Integrated source control (filament current supply) and filament transformer for easy installation
  • Integrated power line filter

Typical Applications

  • Single gun electron beam deposition systems
  • Dual gun electron beam deposition systems (requires two HVPS/SCs)


Electron beam gun outputs One
Emission current 10 to 999 mA
HV output voltage 4k – 10.2 kV
(negative relative to ground)
Filament current range 0 – 70 Amps, 12V
Filament current regulation Less than 1%
Energy storage Less than 2 J at 10 kW output
Ripple and regulation Less than 1%
Arc event response Full recovery in about 15 ms
Short circuit protection Yes
Over-voltage protection Yes
Over-heating protection Yes
User interface 240 x 64 backlit high-contrast, long-life LCD, seven status indicators, spin knob, dedicated system keys
Interface input rating 5-36 V (ac) • V (dc) isolated or grounded non-isolated, contact closure
Digital input functions Door/Safety Interlock, Remote Mode, Remote On, Vac and Water interlocks
Filament output Supply cable
Analog input 0 – 10 V emission current control input
Analog outputs (2) 0 – 10 V indicating 0 – 1000 mA
0 – 10 V indicating 0 –10 kV
Relay rating/output functions SPST, 30 V (dc) or RMS, 2 Amp, Power Supply On, Power Supply Ready
Communications USB, RS-232/RS-485
Operating temperature 10° to 40°C
Cooling Forced air, two internal fans
Size Front panel (H x W):
3U height, full rack width
13.21 x 48.26 cm (5.2 x 19.0 in.)

Case (H x W x D):
13.21 x 43.43 x 43.69 cm
(5.2 x 17.1 x 17.2 in.)
Weight 22.7 kg (50 lb.)
Input power 3-phase, 208 or 400 V
Power factor 0.99 (near unity)
Compliance CE, RoHS

Part Number

Part Number Description
HVPS/SC-208 HVPS/SC High Voltage Power Supply (Low mains voltage - 200 - 240 V)
HVPS/SC-400 HVPS/SC High Voltage Power Supply (High mains voltage - 380 - 400 V)


Name Description
CI-100 Crucible Indexer CI-100 Crucible Indexer
EBS-530 Electron Beam Sweep Controller EBS-530 Electron Beam Sweep Controller
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