High Current Feedthough DN40 ISO-KF

INFICON offers economical priced ISO-KF flange feedthroughs which can be found in all standard vacuum applications all over the world for many years. In addition to this feedthroughs a choice of connectors for vacuum and atmosphere side of vacuum chamber is configured.

For UHV applications CF flanged feedthroughs are available in different sizes and technical specifications.


  • Selection of three electrodes
  • Slide into mounted feedthrough
  • Corrent connetion with water cooling


  • 2011/65/EU RoHS compliant
  • High Current Feedthough DN40 ISO-KF


Type 1 Feedthrough high current
Vacuum connection DN 40 ISO-KF
Number of feedthroughs 1
Voltage V 100
Current A 250/1500(1)
Tightness mbar•L/s 1 x 10-9
Pressure (absolute) 1 x 10-8 mbar ... 2.5 bar (max. 10 bar with external centering ring)
Bakeout temperature °C 110
Housing aluminum 6082
Insulator thermoplast and thermoset
Seal FPM
1) With water cooling

Part Number

1 Feedthrough high current
Part Number Description
214-141 High current feedthrough DN 40 ISO-KF
214-145 Water and current connection
214-142 Straight electrode
214-143 Angle electrode
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