HAPSITE® Smart Plus Chemical Identification System

Fast On-Scene Detection and Identification of Chemical Threats

HAPSITE Smart Plus makes it even easier and faster for users to detect, identify and quantify toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) and chemical warfare agents (CWAs) right at the scene. It's the only person-portable gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer (GC/MS) that gives you lab-quality results within minutes - just the kind of reliable data you need to make critical decisions affecting life, health, and safety during emergency situations.

A fully-automatic start-up procedure eliminates the need for emergency responders to monitor the instrument. Easy, one-button operation initiates sample analysis.




Need a Safety Data Sheet (formerly MSDS)? Click here!


  • Enhanced startup procedure speeds readiness

  • Clear color indicators of sample identity and level of danger

  • Improved bright screen display and larger buttons make operation easier

  • A CD with self-guided course eliminates cost of retraining HAPSITE Smart operators on HAPSITE Smart Plus

  • Eliminating the sample loop and using the concentrator for all readings saves time and money

  • Built-in GPS records exact sampling location with date/time stamp for legally defensible data

  • Convenient power button is on the front panel


Type HAPSITE Smart Plus
Operating Temperature 5 to 45
L x W x H 18 x 17 x 7
Weight (with battery) 42
Power Supply Rechargeable NiMH battery pack or AC converter
Battery Life h 2-3
Power Requirement 24
Hard Drive GB 16 Solid State Flash Drive
Flash Drive USB
Display in. 6.5 VGA color display with touch screen
Sample Introduction Air probe (included) or optional accessory
Carrier Gas Nitrogen
Communication 802.11G wireless or direct Ethernet connection
Data Analysis AMDIS Mass Spectral Libraries, NIOSH, (NIST on optional laptop)
Sample Type VOCs and select SVOCs
Detection Limit PPT for most analytes
Mass Spectrometer  
Mass Range amu 41-300 (1-300 using SIM)
Scan Rate 1000 AMU/sec @ 10 points per AMU
Ionization Mode eV 70
Detector Electron Multiplier
Vacuum System Non Evaporable Getter (NEG) Pump
Dynamic Range decades 7
Gas Chromatograph  
GC Column 15 m, db-1MS, 0.25 mm i.d., 1.0 um df (standard)
Temperature Range 45-200


Name Description
Headspace Sampling System Headspace Sampling System
SituProbe Sampling System SituProbe Sampling System


HAPSITE Smart Plus
Part Number Description
930-242-G1 NEG Pump, factory installed
930-425-P1 Spare Non Evaporable Getter (NEG) Pump
930-205-G1 Ionizer w/Magnet, Hapsite Smart Plus
930-4062-G1 Hapsite Battery
930-432-P6 Canister, Carrier Gas, 6 each
930-432-P12 Canister, Carrier Gas, 12 each
930-432-P24 Canister, Carrier Gas, 24 each
930-730-G1 Extended Life Carrier Gas Deployment Kit
930-4611-P1 Extended Life Carrier Gas
930-433-P6 Canister, Internal Standard, 6 each
930-433-P12 Canister, Internal Standard, 12 each
930-433-P24 Canister, Internal Standard, 24 each
930-477-P1 Gas Combo Pack
934-714-G1 (repalced by 930-716-G1)
930-716-G1 Concentrator, Tri-Bed Kit
930-251-G1 Concentrator, Tenax Kit
930-249-G2 Concentrator Cover
930-0221-G1 Concentrator Tube Nut and Ferrule Kit
930-705-G1 Sample Loop Kit
930-250-G1 Sample Loop Cover
071-747 Performance Standard Concentrator / Air
071-748 Chemical Kit, Performance/IS
071-760 Chemical Standards Kit, HAPSITE
070-1686 Sample Bag, 1 Liter, ALTEF, 10 pack
070-1419 Sample Bag, Vacu-Tube, 0.7 Liter,10 each
070-1224 Gastight Syringe 50 mL, w/Luer Lock
070-1205 Gastight Syringe, 25 mL
070-1206 Gastight Syringe, 10 μl
070-1207 Replacement Needle, 10 μl
070-1223 10 μl Syringe, 6 pack
070-1420 Vacu-Tube, 0.7 Liter
070-1454 Syringe, 1L, w/Luer Lock
070-860-2 Chemical Standards Kit, 19 Part

Spare Parts

HAPSITE Smart Plus
Part Number Description
074-5009-G1 User Guide CD, HAPSITE ER
930-0351-G21 HAPSITE Smart Plus Software
930-4071-G1 NIST Software Version Upgrade
930-4081-G1 NIST Software, w/AMDIS
600-1319-P2 Ethernet Communication Cable
930-206-G5 Hand Control Unit, HAPSITE Smart Plus
930-0231-G1 Probe Nut and Ferrule Kit, 5 each
931-405-P2 Probe Foam, thin, HAPSITE Smart/Plus
931-408-P2 Transfer Line Foam Thick, 62", HAPSITE
930-705-G1 Sample Loop Kit
930-250-G1 Sample Loop Cover
930-469-P1 110V(ac) Power Supply, United States
930-469-P2 230V(ac) Power Supply, Europe
930-469-G4 230V(ac) Power Supply, Australia / China
930-470-G1 Battery Charger
068-0002 Power Cord, Black 7.5 Feet
068-0388 Power Cord 220 V UK Plug
068-0393 Power Cord 220 V China/Australia Plug
930-246-G1 Hot Swap Cable
930-489-G1 Gas Chromatograph Column, 30 m
930-489-G2 Column Modul,30m,Supel-Q Plot,0.32mm
930-464-P1 Shipping Case
930-4131-P1 HAPSITE Accessory Shipping Case
930-4551-G1 Backpack, HAPSPACK
930-4051-P1 Cold Weather Insulation Bag
059-0329 Quick Disconnect Stem for N2
930-022-G1 Tool Kit with Torque Wrench
930-0211-G1 Torque Wrench
930-021-G1 Gasket Kit
930-2020-G1 Decon Cap Plug Kit
930-870-G1 HAPSITE Smart to Plus Upgrade
930-880-G1 HAPSITE Smart Plus Wireless Upgrade
930-8020-G1 HAPSITE USB/Wireless Upgrade
930-612-P1 USB Drive
930-261-G62 Replacement Standard Laptop Computer
930-261-G72 Replacement Ruggedized Laptop Computer
930-465-P1 Shipping case, Service Module
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