FabGuard® Tool Recipe Management (RMS)



Increasing complexity of manufacturing and requirements for better process control requires better integration and management. Seamless integration of FDC and Factory Automation and Equipment Control is critical for providing accurate excursion prevention and tight control over the operation of factory equipment.

FabGuard™ Recipe Management System helps Semiconductor, Display and Solar manufacturers meet these challenges by providing central archival and management of process equipment recipes. As an add-on to the FabGuard Fault Detection and Classification System, FabGuard FG-RMS expands existing FabGuard systems to include the capabilities required to manage tool process recipes across the factory.



FabGuard provides central management of tool process recipes using the familiar and robust FabGuard infrastructure. Engineers can view, edit, deploy and manage process recipes from their desktop or from any PC in the factory. By having central access to the process recipes, engineers are now able to assign multiple tools to the same recipes and minimize the overall number of process recipes and reduce the time it takes to manually change recipes on the tools. Engineers can edit one recipe assigned to multiple chambers and the deploy the changes instantly or at the next Automation requested download.


Revision control and requiring signoff approval prior to deployment is required in an recipe management system. As part of the FabGuard centralization strategy, FabGuard provides auditing of any changes, a mechanism for signoff approval, revision control and the capability to perform rollback.

As new Golden recipes are uploaded from tools or existing Golden recipes are modified in FabGuard RMS, the system makes backups of the older revisions and can hold the new recipe from use prior to approval. This controls the recipe deployment and helps to make sure that recipes have been reviewed and validated prior to deployment.



Many semiconductor process tools have custom methods for uploading and adjusting process recipes. FabGuard RMS provides a standard messaging structure to integrate the functionality into existing factory automation by building the controlling the custom interactions to the tool and giving the factory as standard set of messages to control the uploads, downloads and verification. This simplifies overall recipe and keeps overall automation control in the hands of the factory equipment integration team.



Expanding on the FabGuard recipe verification function, FabGuard enables engineers to manually or automatically verify recipes on the tools with golden copies in the recipe management system. In many cases, recipes may not be deleted from the equipment due to the time constraints of removing and replacing them. In those cases, automated or manually invoked verification can be done. This is done via a SECS request from automation or by an internal FabGuard trigger. In both cases, recipes are downloaded from the tool and verified against the golden copy during an idle period or just before the recipe is to be used.


  • Custom tool messaging as required by specific tool types
  • Central repository for process recipes
  • The same golden recipe can be shared across tools/chambers
  • Automated or manual recipe verification
  • Online editing of non-encoded recipes
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