Explorer™ Portable Gas Chromatograph

Explorer is discontinued as of August 2015.

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  • Portable photoionization detection (PID)
  • Optional electron capture detection (ECD)
  • 8 hour battery life
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Syringe injection port
  • Refillable carrier gas cylinder

Typical Applications

  • Ethylene monitoring for fruit and vegetable ripening
  • Process system monitoring
  • Environmental surveys
  • Spill characterization
  • Superfund cleanup
  • Underground storage tanks (UST)
  • Soil gases/Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) systems
  • EPA Compliance


Type Explorer
Operating Temperature 0 to 40
Operating Humidity Range 0 to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Weight 14
Dimensons 13 x 10.5 x 5
Display Display 128 x 64 backlit graphical LCD
Keypad 4 fixed function keys, 4 menu keys
Battery Life 8 hr.
Alarm Outputs Internal audio, 85 dB; External visual alarm LED
Battery Type
  • Nickel cadmium (24% cadmium by weight) rechargeable cell with intelligent charger
  • Battery must be charged in a known non-hazardous area
Communication Serial (RS-232 standard), 9600 Baud
Data Handling Output to PC via PLC or SiteChart sofware
Detection Limit 0.005 ppm to 9999 ppm
Sample Inputs / Outputs
  • Sample loop, 0.25 in. stainless steel compression fitting
  • Gas tight Syringe Injection (to 500 μL)
Sample Type Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in air, gases, headspace
Modes of Operation Gas speciation or total VOC
Memory 265k Internal RAM, 175k for datalogging
Gas Chromatograph  
Carrier Gas UHP Nitrogen Gas/Ultra Zero Air
Column Configuration
  • 3 column configuration (1 sample per column)
  • Auto-inject precolumn backflush with miniature, inert, switching valves and isothermal widebore capillary columns
Column Oven Temperature/Detector °C 40 to 80 (isothermal)
  • Photoionization 10.6 eV UV lamp standard
  • Optional ECD Ni-63


Part Number Description
MX380029 Replacement 10.6eV Lamp
MX380147 Carrier Gas, Ultra High Purity Nitrogen, 552 L
MX380315 Battery Pack, Voyager/Explorer
MX380320 Septa for Manual Injection Port
MX380336 Lamp Window Cleaning Kit
MX380339 In-line Filters, Telescopic Probe
MX396015 Fluoropore Water/Particulate Filter
MX754110 Calibration Gas, BTEX Mix, 34L
MX754111 Carrier Gas, Ultra Zero Air, 552 L

Spare Parts

Part Number Description
42530000 Converter Adapter, USB to Serial
MX380302 AC Adapter, Voyager/Explorer
MX380303 Carrier Gas Filling Device
MX380304 Communication Cable Kit, Voyager/Explore
MX380305 Sample Line, Teflon, 3 m, (10 ft.)
MX380309 Carrier Gas Connection Kit
MX380311 Telescoping Sample Probe, 2.5 m ( 8 ft.)
MX380313 DC Adapter, Voyager/Explorer/PetroPRO
MX380316 Transit Case, Voyager/Explorer
MX380318 Field Kit, Assay 1
MX380319 Carrier Gas Filling Device
MX380323 Carrier Gas Filling Device
MX380325 Carrier Gas Filling Device
MX380334 Tool Kit, Voyager/Explorer
MX380337 Calibration Kit
MX380340 Connector,TelescopingProbe In-lineFilter
MX380341 Field Kit Carrying Case,Voyager/Explorer
MX380344 SiteChart LX Software
MX396018 Telescoping Sample Probe 1.5 m (5 ft.)
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