***NEW***ELT3000 Electrolyte Battery Leak Detector

Unique Leak Testing Technology through Detection of Electrolyte Solvents


With the ELT3000, INFICON offers a unique test system for battery cells that helps you comply with the ISO9000 standard. It is the only system that determines leakage directly, rather than through indirect parameters (like pressure changes). Based on mass spectrometer technology ,it can find leaks 1,000 times smaller than the ones found with traditional pressure test methods. The new ELT3000 helps you to guarantee battery lifetimes of up to 10 years.


Operating the system is intuitive – no costly training courses are needed. The modular design makes it easy to integrate the ELT3000 into your automated processes.


  • Quality through innovative-end-of-line testing

    • Enables unmatched high measurement reliability- no missing leaks
    • High sensitivity allows life time of up to 10 years for lithium-ion battery cells.


  • Flexible chamber

    • Non-destructive leak test under vacuum also for soft pouch cells
  • Intuitive operation

    • No time-consuming training needed
  • Fieldbus interfaces

    • For easy integration into automated production processes
  • High throughput due to simultaneous leak testing of several battery cells at a time

    • Minimization of production costs through efficient leak testing


Typical Applications

  • Manual or automatic leak test of lithium-ion battery cells

    • Soft pouch cells
    • Rigid prismatic cells
    • Round cells
    • Coin cells



Type ELT3000
Smallest detectable leak rate 1x10-6mbar·l/s (Helium equivalent leak rate)
Measuring range 3 Dekaden
Leak rate units mbar·l/s, atm·cc/s, Pa·m3/s
Detection sensor Quadropol Massenspektrometer (2 Kathoden)
Time unit ready for measurement <180 s
Serial interfaces USB 2.0; M12 (for connection I/O1000); RJ45 (network connection)
Interface via I/O1000 Modul 10 digital Inputs; 8 digital outputs; RS232
Operating temperature 10°C - 30°C (50 - 86 F)
Ingress protection class IP20
Dimensions Gas Detection (W x H x D) 610 mm x 300 mm x 380 mm (24 in x 12 in x 15 in)
Dimensions Control Unit (W x H x D) 700 mm x 540 mm x 250 mm (27.6 in x 13.7 in x 6.4 in)
Weight 65 kg (144.5 lbs)
Operating language English, German, Korean, Chinese, Japanese

Part Number

Part Number Description
600-001 ELT3000 Battery Leak Detector, 230 V, 50 Hz
600-002 ELT3000 Battery Leak Detector, 115 V, 60 Hz


Part Number Description
600-100 TC3000S
600-101 TC3000L ***COMING SOON***
600-102 FTC3000, Flexible Chamber***COMING SOON***
560-310 I/O 1000 module
560-315 BM1000 Profibus module
560-316 BM1000 PROFINET IO module
560-317 BM1000 DeviceNet module
560-318 BM1000 Ethernet/IP module
560-332 Data Cable 2 m
560-335 Data Cable 5 m
560-340 Data Cable 10 m


Part Number Description
600-105 E-Check Calibration Leak
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