D-TEK Stratus® Refrigerant Leak Detector and Portable Monitor

Find Profit-Crushing Leaks in No Time

D-TEK Stratus combines the superior leak detection of INFICON D-TEK leak detectors with the cloud hunting capability of a portable monitor all in one hand-held unit. Quickly locate the area containing the leak using the large, easy-to-read LCD display, and then pinpoint the leak all with one instrument! D-TEK Stratus is the next big thing in refrigerant leak detection.

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  • Innovative cloud hunter mode with ppm readout helps locate leaks faster than ever
  • Cloud hunter and pinpoint modes is like having two leak detectors in one
  • All new, redesigned infrared sensor

    • Longest sensor life in the industry
    • Easy field replacement
  • New lithium ion battery

    • Quick charge capability 
    • Easy field replacement
  • Designed for ergonomic comfort


  • Automatic and manual zero modes
  • Rugged carrying case included
  • Detects all CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, and HFOs
  • Two year replacement warranty

Typical Applications

  • Industrial AC & Refrigeration


Type D-TEK Stratus

D-TEK Stratus

Infrared sensor

Lithium ion battery

Spare filters

AC wall charger

DC car charger

Extra-long probe

Carrying case


Compatible refrigerants R22, R32, R134a, R404a, R407c, R410a, R422b, R448a, R449a, R452a, R452b, R507 (AZ50), R1234yf, CO2 (requires CO2 sensor), ammonia, SF6, and more
Minimum sensitivity 0.03 oz./yr. (1 g/a)
Sensitivity per EN14624 1 g/a
Power source

Lithium ion battery (rechargeable)

USB (can operate while charging)

Battery life

~8 hours (Cloud Hunting mode)

~10 hours (Pinpoint mode)

Weight 1.07 lb.





A2L Certified

Patents (pending)

Application #10 2018 206 877.1

Application #18171080.7

Application #10 2018 208 826.8

Probe length (standard probe) 15 in.

Part Number

D-TEK Stratus
Part Number Description
724-202-G1 D-TEK Stratus, North America
724-202-G11 D-TEK Stratus, International


D-TEK Stratus
Part Number Description
721-607-G1 Stratus Earbud Kit
703-080-G10 TEK-Check R134a Reference Leak
721-702-G1 Battery, D-TEK Stratus
721-610-G1 Charging Cradle, D-TEK Stratus
721-604-G1 Battery/Charging Cradle Bundle


D-TEK Stratus
Part Number Description
724-701-G1 Refrigerant Sensor, D-TEK Stratus (Detects CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, HFOs, and blends (including A2Ls)
724-701-G2 CO2 Sensor, D-TEK Stratus
712-707-G1 Filter cartridges, set of 5

Spare Parts

D-TEK Stratus
Part Number Description
721-605-G1 Car Charger, D-TEK Stratus
721-606-G1 Wall Charger, D-TEK Stratus
712-705-G1 D-TEK Select replacement probe cap
724-700-G1 Carrying Case, D-TEK Stratus
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