Cool Drawer Single Sensor

The Cool Drawer Single Sensors allow crystal installation into the sensor from the side, convenient for systems with insufficient room for front load crystal installation. The Cool Drawer Single Sensor employs the Cool Drawer Crystal Holder which is thermally shielded by the water-cooled housing insuring excellent crystal performance.


  • No internal cables
  • Cool Drawer crystal holder
  • Easy installation
  • Bakeable if ordered with welded CF40 flange
  • Available with: CF40 feedthrough and 2.54 cm (1") bolt feedthrough
  • Adjustable length if ordered with compression fittings
  • No brazing required if ordered with compression fittings
  • Sensor/feedthrough combination available welded to customer specified lengths


Type Cool Drawer Single Sensor
Finish Stainless steel, gold plated cool drawer
Cooling Water Minimum water flow of 150 to 200 cm³/min using 1/8 in. O.D. tube, 30°C max. (Do not allow to freeze)
Electrical Connection One standard female BNC on atmosphere side
Crystal Industry standard 0.550 in. diameter
Air Supply Shuttered sensors require 55 to 60 psi regulated
1 in. Bolt and Compression Fitting Terminations:  
Materials 304 stainless steel, Teflon®, ceramic, beryllium nickel, VITON®
Temperature Operational environment to 300° C with water cooling or 165° C without
Mounting 1.015 in. ±0.010 in. diameter aperture
CF 40 Welded Terminations:  
Materials 304 stainless steel, Teflon, ceramic, beryllium nickel
Temperature Operational environment to 450° C with water cooling or 200° C without
Mounting Mates with 2 ¾ in. ConFlat type flanges with 1.375 in. I.D. min.
CDS Part Number.png


Cool Drawer Single Sensor
Part Number Description
750-420-G1 Solenoid Valve, 24V (for use with shuttered and multi-crystal sensors)


Name Description
Quartz Monitor Crystals Quartz Monitor Crystals

Spare Parts

Cool Drawer Single Sensor
Part Number Description
123259 Cool Drawer Sensor Crystal Retainer
123260 Cool Drawer Sensor Drawer and Retainer Combo
123417 Shutter bracket
123418 Bellows cover
147207 Bellows and cover assembly (Includes all parts marked with *)
147403 * Actuator
147406 * Bellows support
147407 * Bellows Cover
147408 * Threaded shaft
147411 Spacer
147424 * Bellows tube
084-026 * Hex nut
084-064 * Lockwasher
084-205 * #4-40 x 3/16 Phillips screw
800128 #4 Lockwasher
800371 Shoulder Screw
800372 Washer
800416 * 6-32 x 3/16 in. set screw
803313 * Spring
123223-1 Conduit Brazed assembly - long pin
123223-2 Conduit brazed assembly - short pin
123419 Shutter
147206-2 * Bellows with 35 in. tube
803102 O-ring for 5 port adjustable feedthrough
803261 Washer for 5 port adjustable feedthrough
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