PEG050 Medium to Ultra-High Vacuum


  • Rugged and space saving design
  • Insensitive to air inrushes and virbations
  • Easy disassembly and cleaning of the measurement system
  • Exchangable cathode plate
  • Improved ignition characteristics through patented anode design
  • Titan cathodes plates grant longer lifetime
  • PEG050 Masszeichnung.png


유형 PEG050 DN 25/40 ISO-KF
Measuring Principle Cold cathode ionization measurement system (according to the Penning principle)

부품 번호

PEG050 DN 25/40 ISO-KF
부품 번호 설명
399-510 PEG050 페닝 게이지 DN25KF
399-511 PEG050 페닝 게이지 DN40KF

예비 부품

PEG050 DN 25/40 ISO-KF
부품 번호 설명
351-490 캐소드 플레이트, 5개 세트 포함
351-499 양극 PR 25
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