Cumulative Helium Leak Detector Pernicka 700H


Meets updated leak test procedures according to MIL-STD-883J.

Cumulative Helium Leak Detector (CHLD), a single leak testing system for sealed packages, combines mass spectrometer expertise with cryogenic ultra-high vacuum. The Pernicka 700H offers hermetic testing superior to conventional GROSS Leak and FINE leak methods. This technique can be applied to any hermetically sealed device which contains a gas such as Nitrogen, Helium, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, etc. or can be "bombed" with Helium. The Pernicka 700H is controlled by an onboard computer that makes it easy to analyze sealed objects and archive test data simultaneously. The database provides a historical record and facilitates the tracking of production yields.


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  • High sensitivity for smallest detectable leak rates of 4 x 10E-14 atm-cc/s
  • Combining Fine and Gross tests into a single operation results in fast and effective testing procedures
  • FSimultaneous detection of FCs, Nitrogen, Argon, Xenon, etc.
  • nvironmentally friendly - no toxic or hazardous materials required
  • Integrated LCD monitor provides simple operation
  • Onboard computer provides real-time data reading and recording
  • Industrial, user-friendly design
  • Suitable for leak test methods according to MIL-STD-750, method 1071, procedure CH1-CH2 and updated MIL-STD-883J, method 1014


  • Large hybrid packages
  • Ultra-small volume devices, such as UB
  • High-reliability electronics
  • Implantable medical devices
  • Gas-filled electronic components


タイプ Pernicka 700H CHLD Cumulative Helium Leak Detector
ヘリウム最少検知可能リークレート (FINE モード) mbar•L/s >4E-14
ヘリウム最大検知可能リークレート (GROSSモード) mbar•L/s >E-4
検知可能質量 2-200
内部校正リーク mbar•L/s E-10
テストポート DN 16 CF
真空ポンプシステム turbomolecular pump, oil sealed roughing pump, cryo pump
供給電圧ユニット V (ac) 110/120 ( 50/60Hz) 15A
供給電圧ユニット V (ac) 110/120 ( 50/60Hz) 15A
クライオ・コンプレッサ供給電圧 (空冷) V (ac) 208-240 (50/60 Hz)10A
環境条件 Indoor use only
操作温度 15-28
質量 245
寸法 (WxHxT) 660x1390x870


Pernicka 700H CHLD Cumulative Helium Leak Detector
部品番号 品目
550-700 CHLD Pernicka 700H,US Version,115 V,60Hz
550-701 CHLD Pernicka 700H, 230V, EU


Pernicka 700H CHLD Cumulative Helium Leak Detector
部品番号 品目
551-700S High Purity Gas Regulator customized
551-710 Large Double O-ring Chamber for CHLD
551-711 Medium Double O-ring Chamber for CHLD
551-712 Small Double O-ring Chamber for CHLD
551-715 Small Metal Seal Chamber for CHLD