DI 2000, DI 200

Robust capacitive pressure sensor with 4 to 20mA current loop and 2000mbar  or 200mbar full scale.


INFICON DI 2000 is fully interchangable with Leybold DI 2000 (PN 15813).

INFICON DI 200 is fully interchangable with Leybold DI 200 (PN 15812).


  • Robust corrosion resistant
  • Linear, gas type independant
  • 2 wire interface 4 - 20mA current loop

Aplicaciones típicas

  • Chemical vacuum
  • Energy application
  • Industrial vacuum equipment

Número de referencia

Número de referencia Descripción
390-226 DI2000, Absolute pressure sensor
Número de referencia Descripción
390-354 DI200, Absolute pressure sensor
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