FabGuard® Explorer Gas Analysis Software


Process Characterization Software For The Transpector Gas Analysis System

With one-click access to the two most popular RGA functions: monitor and leak check modes, FabGuard Explorer provides you with easy to interpret data showing the most frequently monitored gases (hydrogen, water vapor, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, etc.) in a convenient trend display. 

FabGuard Explorer is Windows® 8 ready, providing comprehensive RGA software with no concerns about operating system compatibility.

The single-sensor version of FabGuard Explorer is a cost-effective solution to operating one Transpector ® RGA. With the software’s multi-sensor version, you can control multiple, different types of Transpector RGAs from a single computer. FabGuard Explorer allows for control of both Transpector MPH and Transpector 2 RGAs from the same software. For connecting multiple Transpector MPH sensors, INFICON offers routers and network switches, while the TCA485 Transpector Communications Adapter is used for networking multiple Transpector 2 sensors. Not only is FabGuard Explorer designed to control all your sensors, it also simultaneously displays multiple trend graphs using the Live Data tab of the software, allowing you to compare the data from multiple sensors on the fly.


  • One-Click access to:
     - Monitor Mode
     - Leak Check
     - Vacuum Diagnostics
  • FabGuard Explorer provides multi-sensor support: Transpector MPH RGAs, Transpector 2 RGAs, RFS100 RF Sensors, and the Quantus Gas Analyzer
  • Vacuum Diagnostics tool quickly identifies gas species in the vacuum system
  • Run Summary attaches full sensor and data acquisition information to each run, which helps to determine whether data abnormalities are caused by alterations of sensor parameters
  • Tagging function makes high-level process analysis easy
  • Auto Tune functions keep the sensor in working order
  • Windows 8 compliant


Type FabGuard Explorer
Supported Sensors Transpector MPH Transpector 2 High Performance and Compact (Firmware ≥ 2.13), Transpector CPM, Transpector XPR2 and XPR3, Transpector HPR, Transpector Preclude, Transpector CIS2, RFS100 RF Sensor, RFS100 RF Sensor
Communications Interface Transpector RGAs: RS232 or RS485 via TCA485, RFS100: RS232, Stiletto SPD and Quantus SPOES: Ethernet
Communications Baud Rate RS232: User Selectable (4800 or 9600 (default)), RS485: 57,600
Maximum Communications Cable Length RS232: 30.5 meters (100 ft), RS485: 305 meters (1000 ft), Ethernet: No Restriction
Suggested Computer System Requirements  
Monitor Resolution 1024 x 768 16 Bit Color or Greater
Processor Pentium IV, 3.0 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 80 GB Hard Drive
Serial Port One RS232 port for Single or Multi with TCA485 (RGAs), One RS232 port (RFS100), One 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Port (Quantus)
Operating System Windows: XP, or 7

Part Number

FabGuard Explorer
Part Number Description
921-039-G1 Software, FabGuard Explorer, Single
921-039-G2 Software, FabGuard Explorer, Multiple
921-039-G3 Software, FabGuard Explorer
921-039-G4 Software, FabGuard Explorer


FabGuard Explorer
Part Number Description
911-451-P1 USB to RS-232 converter
916-600-G5 TCA485 Communications Kit, UK
916-600-G2 TCA485 Communications Kit, US
916-600-G3 TCA485 Communications Kit, German
916-600-G4 TCA485 Communications Kit, Japan
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