SemiQCM™ Sensors for TDMAT Precursor Monitoring


Protect and Grow Your Profit with Precision Rate and Thickness Monitoring

The SemiQCM™ sensor is one component of a system for TDMAT precursor monitoring with the other components being an IMM-200 and FabGuard (version 19.12.00-a or higher).


Semi Process Monitoring can be used in semiconductor applications for end point detection and fault elimination by monitoring the amount of precursor in the foreline or chamber exhaust. The use of an in situ QCM provides affordable process monitoring and improved semiconductor process profitability.


The failure to deliver precursor to a wafer can be detected in as little as one wafer.


  • Real-Time, in situ process monitoring
  • Prevent over-etching, identify chamber clean end point
  • Identify equipment or process state fault


  • QCM data monitored at 10Hz
  • FabGuard correlates QCM data to tool state and process step
  • Precise measurement of deposition or etch rates
  • Sensitivity & precision for sub-monolayer thickness measurement

Typical Applications

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing


Type SemiQCM Sensors for TDMAT Precursor Monitoring
Maximum Temperature 200°C
Sensor head Size (Maimum envelope) 23.87 mm O.D. x 29.19 mm (0.94 in. O.D. x 1.15 in.)
Mounting Feedthrough KF 40
Body and Holder 304 stainless steel
Springs Au plated BeCu
Coaxial Line 5 mm (1.88 in.) O.D. stainless steel
Other Mechanical Parts 18-8 or 304 stainless steel, Hastelloy® c276
Insulators >99% Al2O3 in vacuum: Teflon® used elsewhere
Wire 1. Ni (in vacuum) 2. Ni plated Cu (elsewhere)
Braze Vacuum process high temperature NiCr alloy
Crystal 13.97 mm (0.550 in.) diameter

Part Number

SemiQCM Sensors for TDMAT Precursor Monitoring
Part Number Description
750-7000-G6 Semi QCM Sensor Assy 60mm
750-7000-G7 Semi QCM Sensor Assy 70mm
750-7000-G8 Semi QCM Sensor Assy 80mm
750-7000-G9 Semi QCM Sensor Assy 90mm
750-7000-G10 Semi QCM Sensor Assy 100mm
750-7000-G11 Semi QCM Sensor Assy 110mm
750-7000-G12 Semi QCM Sensor Assy 120mm
750-7000-G13 Semi QCM Sensor Assy 130mm
750-7000-G14 Semi QCM Sensor Assy 140mm
750-7000-G15 Semi QCM Sensor Assy 150mm


SemiQCM Sensors for TDMAT Precursor Monitoring
Part Number Description
750-7013-G1S Crystal Holder Assembly Spare
750-1090-G10 Sensor Crystals, 6MHz, SC Alloy

Spare Parts

SemiQCM Sensors for TDMAT Precursor Monitoring
Part Number Description
007-023 Ceramic Retainer
750-171-P1 Finger spring contact
750-7005-G1S Crystal Holder and Retainer Spring Spare Assembly
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