Spot™ CDS530D wide range

The SPOT CDS530D suspended ceramic capacitance diaphragm sensor is designed for integration into the limited space in your specific vacuum instruments and systems. The dual miniature sensor offer a high accuracy in a wide measurement range, is highly corrosion resistant as the alumina ceramic cells, the suspension and a weldable stainless steel feedthrough are all alumina coated. The sensor electronics provide a digital SPI interface for easy integration. The sensor features a fast data cycle time for instant response to pressure changes, outstanding repeatability and long-term stability. The sensor is provided in two basicversions, either calibrated with customer flange or preadjusted with custom flange.






  • Miniature Alumina (Al2O3) ceramic coated capacitance diaphragm sensor is highly corrosion resistant with UHP compliant wetted surface

  • Wide range, high precision
  • Excellent repeatability and long-term stability
  • Sensor electronics with SPI interface for easy integration
  • Welded custom flange for integration of calibrated sensor
  • Fast response time
  • High overpressure capability
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