QS5 Vacuum Pump

Fast, Efficient and Reliable

The INFICON QS5 Vacuum Pump is designed for quick, deep evacuation as well as affordability and durability.

QS5 is a two-stage, rotary vane pump with 5 CFM rated displacement for ultimate vacuum down to 15 microns. Features such as a large oil sightglass, easily accessible oil drain and innovative oil-trapping exhaust/demister allow technicians to make easier, more efficient service calls.

The pump's design includes a comfortable "no slip" grip for easy carrying and its solid construction delivers maximum durability. All this is backed by an industry-leading 2-year replacement warranty.


  • Gas ballast allows pumped water vapor to be exhausted to atmosphere instead of accumulating in the oil reservoir
  • Fan directs airflow for maximum heat transfer, keeping pump cooler
  • Anti-backflow on inlet prevents oil from flowing back to the system if there’s a power disruption
  • Wide stance and solid base provides greater stability and less chance of the pump tipping over


  • Tethered caps on oil drain and inlets so you won’t drop or lose them
  • Two-stage rotary vane pump provides the ability to quickly pull a deep, 15 micron vacuum
  • Thermally protected motor ensures safe operation
  • Dual voltage operation
  • 2-year replacement warranty

Typical Applications

  • HVAC/R service


Type QS5
Base unit includes
  • QS5 Vacuum Pump
  • Power cord
  • Vacuum pump oil
Free air displacement 5 cfm (142 l/m)
Motor 1/2 HP, AC
Oil capacity 12.5 oz. (370 ml)
Weight 24 lb. (10.89 kg)
Power Source 115/230 V dual voltage operation
Warranty (replacement) 2 year

Part Number

Part Number Description
700-100-P1 QS5 5 CFM Vacuum Pump, 115V
700-100-P10 QS5 5 CFM Vacuum Pump, 230V Euro plug
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