Pilot® Plus Vacuum Gauge

Superior Accuracy, Filter-Protected Sensor, and Extended Battery Life Provide More Jobsite Productivity

INFICON Pilot Plus Vacuum Gauge incorporates several innovative features for unsurpassed performance. Like the original Pilot Vacuum Gauge, it's the only gauge to use a Pirani sensor for greater accuracy and the ability to measure the entire vacuum process, from atmosphere down to one micron. You'll know instantly if your connections are vacuum-tight.


  • Innovative filter protects sensor, eliminates need for cleaning
  • Measures from atmosphere to 1 micron
  • Auto shut-off after 60 minutes to conserve battery
  • Only vacuum gauge using a Pirani sensor for better accuracy
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display


  • Operates for 45 hours on one 9V battery
  • Quick calibration specific to local pressure
  • Displays in micron, Pascal, Torr or millibar
  • Low battery indicator
  • Plastic storage case included
  • 1-year replacement warranty
  • Made in the USA

Typical Applications

  • Vacuum measurement in HVAC/R service


Type Pilot Plus
Base unit includes 9V battery, filters, storage case
Battery life 45 hours
Power source (1) 9V alkaline battery, included
Controls On/off, unit selection, quick calibration
Display units microns, Pascal, millibar, Torr
Display range atm (760,000 microns) to 1 micron (0.01 mbar, 0.001 Torr, 0.1 Pa)
Auto shut-off After 60 minutes; last reading displayed when restarted
Maximum overpressure 150 psi (7.76 x 106 microns)
(10 bar)

Part Number

Pilot Plus
Part Number Description
710-202-G1 Pilot Plus with 1/4" refrigerant flare fitting
710-202-G27 Pilot Plus with KF-16 fitting


Pilot Plus
Part Number Description
710-701-G1 Pilot Plus Spare Filters (quantity 5; for 710-202-G1 only)
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