The INFICON Pirani Gauge Display PGD500 in combination with the INFICON Pirani Standard Gauge PSG5xx provides a cost effective pressure monitoring solution.

Although it is called Pirani Gauge Display the PGD500 also supports our PCG55x and MPG series vacuum gauges.


  • User selectable measurement unit (Pa, mbar or Torr)
  • Compact bench top model design can be easily mounted in a panel or 19" rack
  • 0 to 10 V output signal from the gauge is available for use in PLC or with a chart recorder
  • One free adjustable set point
  • CE certified

Typical Applications

  • Fore vacuum pressure measurement
  • Pressure measurement on evacuation/filling stations for RAC applications
  • Pressure measurement in light bulb production lines
  • General vacuum measurement and control in the medium and rough vacuum range
  • PGD500 dimension


Type PGD500
Measurement channels 1 (PSG5xx, PCG5xx or MPG series)
Display LCD
Range 5×10-2 … 1×105
Measurement rate 1/s 30
Measurement unit (selectable) Pa, mbar, Torr
Setpoint relay 1
Adjustment range 1×10-3 … 500
Hysteresis ≥10% of measurement value
Relay contact floating changeover contact
Contact rating 50
Connector D‑Sub, 9‑pole, male
Analog output V 0 … 10.3, sensor output signal
Supply V (ac) 100 … 240
Frequency Hz 50 … 60
Consumption VA ≤30
Operation (ambiance) °C +5 … +50
Storage °C –20 … 60
Relative humidity ≤80% up to +31 °C, decreasing to 50% at +40 °C
Degree of protection IP20
Weight kg 0.85

Part Number

Part Number Description
398-802 PGD500 Pirani Gauge Display


Part Number Description
211-090 Centering ring with filter DN 16 KF
398-498 Cable 1.3m/4.3ft, a, FCC_FCC, Cont
398-499 Rack mount front-Adapter 2HE/ 3HE
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