FabGuard® Controllers

Powerful Yet Compact Solutions for Deployment of FabGuard

FabGuard Controllers provide powerful compact solutions for deploying FabGuard integrated process monitoring solutions. These reliable industrial controllers connect with tools and sensors through FabGuard to perform real-time data acquisition and analysis, whether for detailed chamber-specific analysis or as part of a fabwide SPC & FDC system. FabGuard Controllers support INFICON sensors, third-party sensors as well as the variety of tools found throughout fabs. Even the demanding requirements of high-speed applications can be met using the FabGuard High Speed Controller.


    • INFICON solution for FabGuard deployment
    • Powerful enough to run the FabGuard suite of products
    • Capable of supporting INFICON sensors and third-party sensors
    • Small footprint for ease of installation
    • High reliability fanless industrial controller
    • High capacity hard drive for extended data storage
    • Optional data acquisition boards


Type FabGuard High Speed Controller FabGuard Controller
Size (Length) 10.5 inches 10.5 inches
Size (Width) 7.7 inches 7.7 inches
Size (Height) 3.1 inches 3.1 inches
CPU Core i5 Celeron P4500
Memory 4 GB 4 GB
Hard Disk 1 TB 500 GB
Operating System Windows 7 Professional, 32-bit Windows 7 Professional, 32-bit
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