Augent™ OPG550 Optical Plasma Vacuum Gauge

The INFICON Augent™ Optical Plasma Gauge is a compact and intelligent solution for vacuum monitoring. Augent™ combines two sensor technologies into one compact device for gas type monitoring from 1 × 10-7 to 5 mbar and to measure total pressure from atmosphere down to 1 × 10-7 mbar at the same time. Augent™ is protected by an integrated Pirani sensor to switch off plasma above 20 mbar. In the measurement range between 1 × 10-7 and 5 mbar the gauge allows the detection of gases such as Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen or Argon.


  • High speed leak detection allows chamber leak test
  • Increase of productivity and yield    
  • Long life time, no filament burns, air inrush protection
  • Withstand process chemistry
  • Smart algorithm for easy integration 
  • Compact design and small footprint  
  • Reliable and fast start up 

Typical Applications

  • Chamber leak check, faster RoR (rate of rise) test
  • Leak check to find internal leaks from gas supply lines
  • Real time end point control
  • Gas type and concentrations control
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Type OPG550
Measurement system Cold Cathode according inverted magnetron principle and Thermal conductivity according Pirani principle
Measurement range N2 1×10-7 … 5
Detection limit 25 liter chamber  
O2 leaks in pressure rise method mTorr/min >0.3
O2 leaks during pump down from atmosphere with N2 backfill mTorr/min >1
Accuracy total pressure reading N2  
1 x 10-7 ... 100 mbar % of reading 5
100 ... 1000 mbar % of reading 50
Repeatability total pressure reading N2  
1 x 10-7 ... 100 mbar % of reading 5
Limited to inert gases < 50°C bar (absolute)


Operation (ambient) °C +5 … +50
Storage °C -20 … +70
Bakeout at flange with electronic unit °C <80
Bakeout at flange w/o electronic unit °C <120
Relative humidity for 30 days a year  
Humidity % <95 (non-condensing)
Supply voltage  
At gauge V (dc) +14.5 … +30
Ripple V (p-p) <1
Power consumption W <5
Fuse to be connected AT 1
Output signal  
Analog V (dc) 0 … +10
Digital RS232C
Electrical connection D-Sub, 9-pin, male
High voltage (in the measuring chamber)  
Ignition voltage kV <4.5
Operating voltage kV <3.3
Materials exposed to vacuum  
General Al2O3, Stainless seel 1.4435
Anode Molybdenum
Ionization chamber Titanium, stainless steel 1.4016
Ignition aid Stainless steel 1.4310
Vacuum flange


DN25 ISO-KF, 8-VCR female

Internal volume cm³ (in.³) <20 (1.22)
Weight g <700
Footprint mm 68 x 68
Height mm <137
Protection type IP40
Standards CE
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Part Number

Part Number Description
3OF0-001-010P OPG550 9DSub, 16-KF
3OF0-003-010P OPG550 9DSub, 16-CF-R
3OF0-006-010P OPG550 9DSub, 25-KF
3OF0-00E-010P OPG550 9DSub, 8-VCR F


Part Number Description
211-001 Clamping ring DN 10-16 ISO-KF
211-002 Clamping ring DN 20-25 ISO-KF
211-066 Centering ring DN 16 ISO-KF, Inox / FPM
211-068 Centering ring DN 25 ISO-KF, SS/FPM
213-451 Copper seal DN 16 CF; set of 10 pcs
303-333 Diagnostic cable 1.9m (P3)

Spare Parts

Part Number Description
351-590 OPG550 spare sensor, 16-KF
351-591 OPG550 spare sensor, 16-CF-R
351-592 OPG550 spare sensor, 25-KF
351-593 OPG550 spare sensor, 8-VCR female
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