MPG40x ATM to Ultra-High Vacuum Gauge


The INFICON Inverted Magnetron Pirani Gauges, MPG400 and MPG401, measure from 5 x 10-9 mbar toatmosphere (3.8 x 10-9 Torr to atmosphere). Combining technologies into one single compact unit withone logarithmic analog out put signal significantly reduces the complexity of installation, setup an dintegration.

This Cold Cathode inverted magnetron Gauge MAG400 series is direct replacement of the  PTR 90 Transmitter series:


351-010MPG400DN25 ISO-KF=230 070PTR 90DN25 KF
351-011MPG400DN40 ISO-KF=230 071PTR 90DN40 KF
351-012MPG400DN40 CF-F=230 072PTR 90DN40 CF
351-999MPG400Maintenance set=none
351-998MPG400Repair set=none
351-995MPG400Spare-ignition aid (10 pcs)=none
351-994MPG400Ignition tool set=none
351-023MPG400Magnetic shield=230 073 V01PTR 90Magnetic shield


Within our own INFICON channel we also offer the type MPG401, which is a metal sealed version of the MPG40x line. For further information please check out the following link:

Also the latest Innovation in Cold Cathode Gauge Technology, the Gemini MxG50x line, which represents an advanced Technology, can act as a direct replacement for PTR 090 / PTR 225 / PTR 237 Transmitter series


  • Direct replacement for PTR 90 Vacuum Transmitters
  • Combination gauge – Inverted Magnetron & Pirani
  • Wide measurement range from 5 x 10-9 mbar to atmosphere
  • No filament to burn out
  • Excellent ignition properties
  • Easy to clean
  • FPM or metal-sealed feedthrough
  • LED indicator for high voltage on
  • Logarithmic analog output signal

Typical Applications

  • High vacuum pressure monitoring
  • Base pressure for evaporation and sputtering systems
  • General vacuum measurement and control in the medium and high vacuum range


MAG400 series is direct replacement for PTR 90 Vacuum Transmitters
  • MPG400/ 401 Inverted Magnetron Pirani Gauge


Type MPG400 FPM sealed
Accuracy (N2)  
1 x 10-8 … 100 mbar % of reading ≈±30%
1 x 10-8 … 100 mbar % of reading ≈±5%
Mounting orientation any
Admissible pressure bar (absolute) ≤10 (limited to inert gases)
Admissible temperature  
Operation (ambient) °C +5 … +55
Storage °C –40 … +65
Bake-out (1) °C 150
Filament temperature (Pirani) °C 120
Supply voltage  
At gauge V (dc) +15 … +30
At supply unit with max. cable length (2) V (dc) +16 … +30
Ripple V (p-p) ≤1
Power consumption W ≤2
Fuse to be connected AT ≤1
Output signal (measurement signal)  
Voltage range V 0 … +10.5
Measurement range V +1.82 … +8.6
Voltage vs. Pressure logarithmic, 0.6 volts per decade
Error signal  
no supply V <0.5
Pirani sensor, filament rupture V >9.5
Output impedance 2 x 10
Minimum loaded impedance kΩ 10, short-circuit proof
Response time  
p > 10-6 mbar ms <10
p = 10-8 mbar ms ≈1000
Identification gauge 85, referenced to supply common
Pirani-only mode V 0 (low)
Combined Pirani / cold cathode mode V 15 … 30 (high)
LED LED green high voltage on
Electrical connection FCC 68 appliance connector, 8 poles, female
Sensor cable 8 poles plus shielding
Cable length m ≤50 (8 x 0.14 mm2)
Operating voltage kV ≤3.3
Operating current µA ≤500
Materials exposed to vacuum stainless steel, Al2O3, FPM75, Mo, Ni, Au, W
Internal volume cm³ ≈20
DN 25 ISO-KF g ≈700
DN 40 ISO-KF g ≈720
DN 40 CF-F g ≈980
Protection category IP 40
CE conformity EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61010-1

1) Without electronics and magnetic shielding.

2) The minimum voltage of the supply unit must be increased proportionally to the length of the sensor cable.

Part Number

MPG400 FPM sealed
Part Number Description
351-010 MPG400 FPM sealed, DN 25 ISO-KF
351-011 MPG400 FPM sealed, DN 40 ISO-KF
351-012 MPG400 FPM sealed, DN 40 CF-F
351-998 MPG400 Repair set.
351-995 MxG40x/50x Spare parts ignition aid (10)
351-994 MPG40x Ignition tool set
351-999 MPG400 Maintenance set
211-113 Centering ring with baffle DN 25 KF


MPG400 FPM sealed
Part Number Description
351-023 Magnetic shield
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