Electrical Feedthroughs DN16 CF-F

INFICON offers economical priced ISO-KF flange feedthroughs which can be found in all standard vacuum applications all over the world for many years. In addition to this feedthroughs a choice of connectors for vacuum and atmosphere side of vacuum chamber is configured.

For UHV applications CF flanged feedthroughs are available in different sizes and technical specifications.


  • 2011/65/EU RoHS compliant
  • Electrical Feedthroughs DN16 CF-F


Type DN 16 CF-F
Vacuum connection DN 16 CF-F
Number of feedthroughs 1
Voltage per pole kV 0.3
Current per pole A 120
Bakeout temperature °C 400
Tightness mbar•L/s 5 x 10-11
Pressure (absolute) 1 x 10-10 mbar ... 2 bar
Flange stainless steel 304L / 1.4306
Conductor OF-copper 2.0040
Insulator aluminum oxide ceramic Al2O3
Weight kg 0.15
vacuum side: Pieces 2
vacuum side: Current max. A 100
vacuum side: Bakeout temperature °C 400
vacuum side: Material stainless steel 304/1.4301
atmospheric side: Pieces 2
atmospheric side: Current max. A 100
atmospheric side: Insulated, for use up to not insulated
atmospheric side: Bakeout temperature °C 150
atmospheric side: Contact silver-plated brass

Part Number

DN 16 CF-F
Part Number Description
214-126 UKD 016, DN 16 CF-F
214-195 Connection piece, vacuum side
214-176 Connector, air side
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