Discontinued INFICON Products

Download manuals for discontinued INFICON Thin Film products below.

Note:  The below products may no longer be supported by INFICON.  Documents or parts mentioned in these manuals may not be available.

Recommended replacement products may not be exact or "drop-in" replacements.  Contact INFICON with questions about product replacement.

HVPS/SC High Voltage Power Supply with Integrated Source Control
(discontinued 2018)

EBS-530 Electron Beam Sweep Controller

(discontinued 2018)

CI-100 Crucible Indexer

(discontinued 2018)

Composer Elite™ Gas Concentration Controller
(discontinued 2018)
SQM-242 and SAM-242 Thin Film Deposition Controller Cards 
(discontinued 2014)

Thin Film Deposition Monitor
(discontinued 2014)

® Thin Film Deposition Controller
(discontinued 2010)

IC/5 Thin Film Deposition Controller

(discontinued 2010)

XTM/2 Thin Film Deposition Monitor 
(discontinued 2008)

XTC/2 & XTC/C Thin Film Deposition Controllers

(discontinued 2006)

Composer™ Gas Concentration Controller
(discontinued 2005)

Sentinel® III EIES Controller 
(discontinued 2001)

IC/4 & IC/4 Plus Thin Film Deposition Controllers
(discontinued 1995)

XTC Thin Film Deposition Controller 
(discontinued 1991)

® Thin Film Deposition Controller
(discontinued 1990)
XTM® Thin Film Deposition Monitor
(discontinued 1983)


Click the links above or use the downloads tab to find the manual you need. Please contact INFICON if you have specific questions.


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