CrystalSix® Sensor

The INFICON CrystalSix Sensor is critical for long processes demanding continuous rate control. Whether an OLED, MBE, solar, long optical coating, or other processes having an extended period between chamber venting, the CrystalSix sensor offers the security of 6 quartz monitor crystals in one sensor head. When used with an INFICON Thin Film Controller, the CrystalSix automatically rotates a new crystal into position whenever the current crystal fails or becomes unstable. Crystals are automatically replaced without interrupting your process for continued deposition rate monitoring.


Crystal indexing is accomplished with a pneumatically driven mechanism. This pneumatically driven motor provides better crystal thermal stability than competitive units using expensive in-vacuum, heat generating, electric motors. One-eighth inch water cooling tubes keep the sensor head thermally stable and allow flexibility in sensor placement.


When used with certain INFICON thin film controllers, the sensor provides position feedback so specific positions can be used with specific materials.


  • Holds 6 crystals with robust, automatic switching to maximize process uptime
  • Stable crystal temperature, because crystal switching is pneumatically-driven (competitive units use heat-generating motors)
  • 1/8" tubes maintain thermal stability and allow flexibility in sensor placement
  • Optional crystal shutter available


Type CrystalSix Sensor
Maximum bakeout temp with no water 130°C
Maximum operating isothermal environment temperature with minimum water flow 400° C
Water, air and coax length Standard 30 in. (76 cm)
Crystal exchange Front-loading, extraction tool required (supplied with unit)
Mounting Six #4-40 tapped holes on the back of the sensor body
Size (maximum envelope) 3.8 in. (9.7 cm) DIA x 2.0 in. (5.1 cm) high
Installation Requirements  

Qty (1) 2¾ in. ConFlat® with one coaxial feedthrough, two pass water, one air IPN 750-685-G1,


Qty (1) 750-685-G2, with one coaxial feedthrough three tube with Ultra-Torr compression fittings


Qty (1) 1 in. bolt with one coaxial feedthrough, two pass water, one air IPN 750-030-G1,



User to provide vacuum-tight braze joints or connectors for the water and air tubes.

Valve assembly for air, IPN 750-420-G1 (not provided), with a 0.022 in. restrictor orifice installed by the user. (Orifice included with CrystalSix accessory kit.)

Minimum water flow

150-200 cc/min, 30° C max (Do not allow water to freeze).

Coolant should not contain chlorides as stress corrosion cracking may occur.

Regulated air supply 80-90 PSIG (5.5 bar – 6.2 bar) [550 kPa – 620 kPa] 2 meter maximum length of 1/8 in. tubing between sensor head and the solenoid valve.
Plate, holders, material shield, mechanical parts 304 type stainless steel
Springs, electrical contacts Au plated Be-Cu, Au Plate Inconel, 303 stainless steel
Water and air tubes S-304, 0.125 in. (0.32 cm) O.D. x 0.016 in. (0.04 cm) Wall Thickness 30 in. Long (76 cm) seamless stainless steel tubing
Connector (Microdot®) Stainless steel
Insulators >99% Al2O3
Cable Teflon® insulated copper
Crystal 0.550 in. Diameter
Body and carousel 2024 T351 Aluminum

Part Number

CrystalSix Sensor
Part Number Description
750-446-G1 CrystalSix sensor (sensor only, no feedthrough included)


Name Description
QCM Sensor Feedthroughs QCM Sensor Feedthroughs
CrystalSix Sensor
Part Number Description
750-420-G1 Solenoid Valve, 24V (for use with shuttered and multi-crystal sensors)


Name Description
Quartz Monitor Crystals Quartz Monitor Crystals

Spare Parts

CrystalSix Sensor
Part Number Description
007-007 Retainer spring (for crystal holder)
007-023 Ceramic Retainer
070-0170 #2 Lockwasher (part of heat shield assembly)
070-0398 Retaining ring (secures bearing located next to pawl and actuator stem)
070-0777 Compression spring (on carousel shaft)
070-0778 Ball bearing (underneath carousel)
070-0779 Ball bearing
070-0870 Teflon washer (on carousel shaft)
070-0877 Shim spacer (part of heat shield assembly)
070-0879 Bearing (at center of top plate weld assembly)
073-114 Wire .022 in. x 1.06 in (clamps heat shield retaining pin)
082-026 # 2-56 Nut (part of heat shield assembly)
750-048-P1 Retainer spring for 007-048 and 751-619-G1 sputtering head bodies
750-175-P1 Insulator (underneath leaf spring)
750-188-P3 Leaf Spring
750-249-P2 Retaining pin (part of heat shield assembly)
750-250-G1 Deposition Shield, CrystalSix Sensor
750-256-P2 Extension spring
750-257-P3 Corrugated spring 4.40 in. (11.2 cm)
750-261-G1 Carousel assembly (includes resistor network and electrical contacts)
750-262-G1 Crystal holder
750-265-G1 Top plate weld assembly
750-276-P2 Actuator cover
750-278-P2 Water line
750-286-P2 Pneumatic actuator
750-290-P3 Carousel electrical contacts (set of eight)
750-291-P1 Detent
750-293-P2 Ratchet
750-294-P2 Stop ratchet
750-295-G1 Pawl and actuator
750-336-G1 Resistor network assembly
750-338-P1 Contact insulator (underneath carousel electrical contacts)
In-vacuum cables
321-039-G12 In-vacuum cable, 15.2 cm (6 in.)
007-252 In-vacuum cable, 30.5 cm (12 in.)
321-039-G11 In-vacuum cable, 61.0 cm (24 in.)
007-044 In-vacuum cable, 78.1 cm (30.75 in.)
007-059 In-vacuum cable, 91.4 cm (36 in.)
007-061 In-vacuum cable, 121.9 cm (48 in.) - Requires ModeLock controller
321-039-G13 In-Vacuum Cable, 154.2 cm (60 in.) - Requires ModeLock controller
321-039-G14 In-vacuum cable, 182.9 cm (72 in.) - Requires ModeLock controller
321-039-G15 In-vacuum cable, 3.5 m (137.8 in.) - Requires ModeLock controller and 4 m XIU
321-039-G16 In-vacuum cable, 4 m (157.5 in.) - Requires ModeLock controller and 4 m XIU
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