PGE500 ATM to Medium Vacuum Gauge

The INFICON Pirani Gauge Enhanced 500 (PGE500) is equipped with the latest digital convection enhanced Pirani technology available on the market. Due to the physical properties of convection this type of Pirani offers higher accuracy in the measurement range between 100 to 1000 mbar. The rugged gauge and sensor design in combination with many factory built in features, such as the bright, sharp and clear OLED display with integrated keypad, RS485/RS232digital interface and 4 selectable analog output signals makes the PGE500 a high value/low cost of ownership choice. All these features qualify this gauge for many applications where an economical vacuum measurement from low to high vacuum range is required.


  • Convection Enhanced Pirani Technology for wide measurement range and higher accuracy near atmosphere
  • All-in-One active gauge with built-in display, 2 set points, 4 analog output signals, and 2 digital interfaces
  • Bright digital OLED display with keypad for simple setup, calibration and operation
  • 4 optional analog output signals (3 user selectable, 1 Default)
  • Factory pre-set analog output signal or selectable via keypad
  • Factory pre-set display units or selectable via keypad
  • User programmable set point relays (factory pre-set on request for volume orders)
  • Gold plated tungsten filament
  • Mechanical strength, highly robust and less susceptible to mechanical shock and vibration
  • Choice of flange options
  • Compliance & standards: CE, RoHS
  • Direct drop in replaces most Granville-Phillips® Mini-Convectron® modules (GP275)

    (Granville-Phillips® and Mini-Convectron® are registered trademarks of MKS Instruments, Andover, MA)

Typical Applications

  • Fore vacuum pressure measurement
  • General vacuum measurement and control form low to the high vacuum range


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  • PGE500_Dimensional drawing.PNG


Type PGE500
Measurment range 1.3×10-4 … 1333
Accuracy (N2)  
1.3×10-4 … 1.3×10-3 mbar 0.1x10-3 mbar resolution
1×10-3 … 530 mbar % of reading ±10
530 … 1333 mbar % of reading ±2.5
1×10-4 … 1×10-3 Torr 0.1 mTorr resolution
1×10-3 … 400 Torr % of reading ±10
400 … 1000 Torr % of reading ±2.5
Repeatability (N2) % of reading ±2
Admissible temperature  
Operation (ambient) °C 0 … +40
Storage °C -40 … +70
Bakeout (electronics removed) °C ≤150
Supply voltage V (dc) +12 … +28
Output signal analog  
3PE5-0xx-B7F0 V (dc) 1.15 … 10.215   (log-linear)
3PE5-0xx-B7F2 V (dc) 0.375 … 5.659   (non-linear S-curve)
3PE5-0xx-B7F5 V (dc) 1 … 8   (log-linear)
3PE5-0xx-B7F- V (dc) 0 … 10   (linear)
Voltage vs. pressure  
3PE5-0-xx-B7F0 volts per decade 1.286
3PE5-0-xx-B7F5 volts per decade 1
Setpoint relay  
Number of setpoints 2 (single-pole double-throw relays (SPDT)); 1A at 30V (dc) resisiv or V (ac) non-inductive
Interface (digital)  
digital RS232/ RS485 (ASCII protocol)
Electrical connection  
Power Connector D-Sub, 9-pin, male
Digital Interface connection D-Sub, 15-pin HD, male (with RS485)
exposed exposed to vacuum

gold plated tungsten,

304 & 316 stainless steel,

glass, nickel, Teflon®

Mounting orientation horizontal recommended
Internal volume cm³ (in.³) 26 (1.589)
Internal surface area 59.7 (9.25)
Weight 340

Part Number

Part Number Description
3PE5-011-B7F2 PGE500 9DSUB, 2SP, OLED, 16KF
3PE5-001-B7F0 PGE500 9DSUB, 2SP, OLED, 16KF
3PE5-003-B7F0 PGE500 9DSUB, 2SP, OLED, 16CF
3PE5-006-B7F0 PGE500 9DSUB, 2SP, OLED, 25KF
3PE5-00D-B7F0 PGE500 9DSUB, 2SP, OLED, 4VCR
3PE5-00E-B7F0 PGE500 9DSUB, 2SP, OLED, 8VCR
3PE5-00F-B7F0 PGE500 9DSUB, 2SP, OLED, 1/8NPT
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