Calibration Service for Vacuum Gauges


INFICON offers calibration services for vacuum gauges. DAkks (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle; according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005) calibration certificate or factory calibration certificate can be issued. All issued inspection documents are in compliance with the European Standard EN 10204.


  • Known deviation to calibration standards
  • Controlled quality over time



    The German Calibration Service (DAkks) ensures traceability of industrial measurements and testing to national calibration standards. It is run jointly by the Federal Institution for Physics and Technology (PTB), the Industry, the federal Minister for Economics and the Western European Metrology Club (WEMC).The transfer standards employed in the DK calibration facility are checked regularly (recalibrated) by the PTB.


    Factory calibrations traced back to DAkks transfer standards.

    CDG gauges are calibrated on a special tool with traceability to national standards at PTB.

    Thus traceability to national standards is ensured in both cases.


    Calibration traceable to national metrology Institutes (NMI, e.g. NIST) available upon request. Call for availability and pricing.

Typical Applications

  • Reference to standard is required
  • Reference for customer in house calibration service of vacuum gauges
Calibration Service
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