BAG100 Spare sensor head

Spare sensor head for INICON BAG100 Bayard-Alpert Hot Ion Gauges.

BAG100 Hot Ion Gauges are discontinued since 2004. INFICON sill is able to support enduser, who have this gauge type still running on their production tools after all those years with the original spare sensor head.


  • Original Spare sensor head for INFICON Bayard-Alpert Hot Ion Gauge BAG100 (sensor head only, show on the right in the picture, is still available;  BAG100 Gauge is discontinued since 2004 already)
  • This INFICON spare sensor heads also will fit to old Leybold ITR100 Bayard-Alpert Hot Ion gauges with partnumbers 163 60, 163 66, 163 70, 163 74, 163 75.


BAG100 Iridium
Teilenummer Produktbeschreibung
352-490 Ersatzsensor BAG100 DN25KF, Iridium
352-491 Ersatzsensor BAG100 DN40CF-R, Iridium
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